I retired from nursing 3 years ago, having worked at both Canterbury and Margate hospitals. For the last 18 years of my career I worked for Pilgrims Hospice which was at times challenging but always rewarding. It is a privilege to be able to help and support individuals and their families at such a difficult and vulnerable time in their lives.

A lifelong supporter of the Labour Party I joined in 2015 and was pleased to find that Herne Bay had an active Branch and I look forward to welcoming more members to our meetings and events.


I joined the Labour Party at the time of the Suez crisis in 1956 as a youngster! and since held many positions in the Canterbury CLP and the Herne Bay branch. I’m a retired trade union official for what was then British Telecom and have worked as CLP election agent and a delegate to annual conference four times…


I am a solicitor who represents employees, workers and people with disabilities at Employment Tribunals. I have lived in Herne Bay for 17 years and I am an active campaigner for the Labour Party in East Kent.


I’m retired now, after a successful career working for Canterbury City Council. I’m passionate about Labour values and I’ve been involved in Herne Bay Labour for many years; helping to organise the team, supporting our general and local election campaigns and standing as a candidate in my local ward.



Herne Bay Labour is a growing group of local Labour Party members who work together to make a difference for people living here in Herne Bay. Labour is Britain’s democratic socialist party, it has the most members, the most activists and an unsurpassed history of social and economic reforms when in government.

We are proud of the many historic Labour achievements such as the establishment of the National Health Service. We believe in equality of opportunity for all – not just the wealthy and powerful – and we campaign to improve local services for all residents of Herne Bay. We field candidates for Canterbury City Council in local elections and campaign for the Thanet North parliamentary seat.

We meet regularly at different locations throughout the town, to plan, co-ordinate and socialise. Use the contact form if you would like to join us, or learn more about the events and campaigns we organise.

The Labour Party was created in 1900: a new party for a new century. Its formation was the result of many years of hard effort by working people, trade unionists and socialists, united by the goal of changing the British Parliament to represent the interests of everybody. Ignored by the Tories and disillusioned with the Liberals, a coalition of different interests came together to push for change at a Conference on Labour Representation in London’s Memorial Hall in February 1900.

Over the last 115 years, the Labour Party has grown to become the largest membership political party in Britain. Our progressive politics and effective representation at local and national level have made it possible to implement many of the ideas and laws that make Britain such a great place to live today.




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